Declaration on Accessibility

The Chair of Meteorology of the Technische Universität Dresden endeavours to make its website accessible in accordance with national legal provisions implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Preparation of this Declaration on Accessibility

This declaration was prepared on 14.09.2020. The last review of the website and this declaration was carried out on 14.09.2020.

Basis for the preparation of this Declaration on Accessibility is a self-assessment carried out by Technischen Universität Dresden.

Status of compatibility with the requirements of the Federal

Due to the following incompatibilities, this website is partially compatible with the requirements of the BfWebG in accordance with BITV 2.0.

Non-accessible content

  • Partially alternatives for images and graphic elements are not fully available.
  • Partially the contrast of foreground and background colours is too weak.

LIFE LOCAL ADAPT has a very extensive and diverse web presence with a large number of documents. The website was published before 23.09.2018 and therefore does not correspond to the current state of accessibility. We are trying to reduce the barriers, but due to limited resources of the project, we are currently unable to provide a completely barrier-free web presence.


If you notice any shortcomings in terms of accessible design, please contact:

Majana Heidenreich
Tel: (+49) 351 463-39103

Enforcement procedure

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your feedback, you can contact the Saxon Arbitration Service:

Representative of the Saxon State Government for the interests of people with disabilities
Albertstraße 10
01097 Dresden

Postal address: Archivstraße 1, 01097 Dresden
Telephone: 0351 564-12161
Fax: 0351 564-12169

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