Objectives and structure

Implementation actions

Foreseen activities

Improvement of municipal knowledge

  • Surveys and interviews with municipal representatives
  • Identification of needs and selection of pilot municipalities
  • Workshops and information events in municipalities
  • Regional and local climate fact sheets--> Download

Funding opportunities of CCA on local authority level

  • Analysis of funding opportunities
  • Production and promotion of fact sheets for selected funding programmes --> Download

Establishment of advisory service

  • Development of an advisory concept and establishment of Climate Coaches

Integration of CCA in local administration, planning and decision-making

  • Setting-up of CCA strategies and actions plans
  • Identify concrete CCA measures for municipalities
  • Estimation of cost-benefit of measures

Development & enhancement of regional CCA assessment tools in the project regions

Improvement of heavy rain and heat stress resilience

  • Evaluation of measures (physical, administrative and societal) --> Download
  • Contingency planning and Recommendations for tailored solutions for selected municipalities

Climate change resilient urban and landscape planning

  • Creation of a guideline to improve planning processes and decisions

Pilot measures in selected municipalities

  • Implementation of CCA measures in 10 municipalities in Saxony (Germany) and 5 municipalities in Styria (Austria)

Climate change adaptation in the municipality Valka (Latvia)

  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Adaptation Strategy for Valka
  • Adaptation and improvement of local policies
  • Contingency plan, Experience exchange

Transferability and replicability

  • Ensuring long-lasting utilization of project results throughout Europe
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